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candice goettler reviewed on Google 7 months ago

Quality Excellent
Extremely satisfied with my visits to Yahr Electrolysis and Laser!! I started visiting Dr. Yahr approximately 8 months ago and felt comfortable right from the start. After several minutes of questions and answers it was time to begin. That first scheduled appointment lasted one hour and as soon as I got in my car to drive home I called the office to ask for an additional appointment the next day. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I had started to finally fix my embarrassing problem. After several months of visits the change was incredible, instead of plucking the area for 45 minutes a day in addition to shaving and heavy makeup I am able to go out in public without hesitation... no plucking, no makeup and with more confidence then I have had in years. I know that I still have more to go but it is definitely worth it. I am a big fan of Dr. Yahr and of the blend method. It is clear that he has a lot of experience and a lot of patience, he is very easy to talk to and makes the appointment go by in a flash. I have not worked with Jane but she is very nice on the phone when I call to make my appointments.

Luciana Morone reviewed on Google 5 months ago

Quality Excellent
I definitely recommend Yahr Electrolysis and Laser. I got electrolysis done on my neck and chin area and everything went just as Jane said. After a few months there was a lot less hair and the ones that remained were noticeably thinner. At first it can be a little frustrating because it takes time for the treatment to work, but if you stick with you will definitely get rid of those unwanted hairs.

Carole S. - Yelp review 6/6/2012

I've been going to the Yahrs off an on for two years. I had first gone to someone else, and was in such pain I swore off electrolysis forever! Then I saw an ad for Yahr and called to see whether their process was different. It turned out it was - their blending method turned out to be much less painful - they also sell a numbing cream that I recommend for sensitive areas. I'm just about finished with my treatments and couldn't be happier. The office is convenient, and very clean. Nice magazines and a bowl of chocolates greet visitors!

Lynn G. - Yelp review 11/21/2011

I'm very happy with my experiences here. the Blend method of electrolysis has a higher percentage of permanence for each session and now I barely have to worry about any nuisance facial hairs. No more tweezing or worrying - that has been a nice relief. One less thing to think about. I enjoy talking with both Jane and Chuck ( I've seen them both for electrolysis and laser) so my appointments are enjoyable. They both really know what they are doing- I recommend!

Diane G. - Yelp review 10/12/2011

Yahr Electrolysis is great.

A year ago, I discovered Yahr Electrolysis. Since then, I've traveled a lot and occasionally gone to other electrologists across the country. Having experienced so many practices, it became obvious who knows what they're doing, and who doesn't. Jane and Chuck are professional, kind, and downright fantastic at what they do. And, did I mention that you see the results?!

I unequivocally recommend these folk's to friends and family. They have a truly exceptional practice.

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