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 How does Laser-Light hair removal work?

Laser-Light hair removal technology is based on the principal of selective photothermolysis.” This means that the light energy selectively targets the pigment melanin in the hair shaft. This brief pulse of energy turns into heat, which disables the hair follicle and prevents or delays re-growth. 

 Why are several treatments necessary?

Hair growth occurs in a three-part growth cycle: active, dormant, and transitional. To maximize the removal and delay of regrowth, hair must be treated while in the active phase. Since each hair on the body has its own individual cycle, a course of treatments over time disables each hair follicle while in its active growth phase. 

 Who is a candidate for treatment?

The ideal candidate for Laser-Light hair removal has darker hair as only dark hair colors absorb sufficient energy for a good result. Individuals with blond, gray or red hair are usually not good candidates. Those with very dark or tanned skin may also not benefit, as the increased melanin in the skin will interfere with the light energy directed toward the hair follicles. 

 Does it hurt?

While the sensations vary from individual to individual according to his or her skin sensitivity, the range of client responses goes from no discomfort at all to a tolerable stinging sensation. Our usage of cold therapy during a treatment session greatly reduces the discomfort. 

 What are my options if I am not a good candidate for Laser-Light hair removal? 

Electrolysis is the best option for those who are not good candidates for Laser-Light hair removal as Electrolysis is effective on any hair or skin color. The primary disadvantage of Electrolysis is that it remains a one hair at a time process and may not be practical for large body areas. 

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